Why is the engineer portal URL is not appearing in the travel SMS?

If you find that this is happening, please ensure the following steps are completed:

First, check the customer's communication preferences. These can be found from the profile of the contact related to the job. Go to the work address page related to the job and click the 'Contacts' tab. From here, click 'Edit' on the primary contact.

From here, you can edit the communication preferences of the contact and ensure the correct boxes are checked. If there is not a mobile number or email address associated, you will see an error message informing you.


We would also recommend that the engineer's tracker is still in working order and transmitting. 

After this, check the job mobile engineer SMS. This is the message sent out in the travel SMS where the URL should be located. You can check the body of the message here and make any necessary amendments. This setting can be accessed through your system settings. Scroll down to the 'Mobile settings' section and choose the 'Job mobile engineer SMS' from here. 

Once you've opened the message template, click 'Use tagging', and select 'engineer_profile_portal_url'. This tag will appear as a URL link when received. Ensure there is a space left before you place it in the body of your message.