Deleting or voiding certificates

There are any number of reasons you may want to delete a certificate from a particular job. Whether it was completed inaccurately, assigned to the wrong property, completed at the wrong date or any other reason. Read below on how to do this.

  1. If you've got a certificate (or more than one even) attached to a job, it will be displayed under the 'Certificates' tab (which has an indicator of how many certificates you've got in place).

  2. From here, you can remove the one(s) you don't need. Click the 'plus' icon next to the certificate and click 'Delete certificate'. This will bring up a notification informing you that the already-completed certificate will need to be voided as opposed to deleted.

  3. Once you've confirmed you'd like to carry this out, you will still be able to have a look at the certificate, but it will be permanently stamped with a 'Void' watermark (above), making it clear to anyone who sees it that it is no longer active or relevant for the property.

  4. The voided certificates will also be struck through (like so) on your list of certificates to make them nice and easy to identify from there too.