Legacy online booking portal settings

This setting was previously called: Set up online booking form.

This setting allows you to create a job request form on your website that is connected to your Commusoft system. This helps gather jobs without the need to reach out, allows a customer to set jobs on their time, and even adds a payment form for later invoicing. 

Tagging is available for use as well, and we highly recommend using tagging throughout the modules to create communications that will help your customers and you in reduction of overhead and wasted time spent communicating back and forth.  To understand how tags work, and which tags do which, please refer to this article: Tags & explanation of tagging

Please Note: This form does not book a specific job into the system, it is a tool used to request jobs from your customers 

  1. Go to system settings > Online booking form.

  2. There are multiple options within this setting. You can generate a booking form HTML by tapping ‘Generate html’.

  3. You may copy and paste the HTML code generated into your own company's personal website.


Additional Troubleshooting - Customer email notification

  1. You can add a custom email notification that will be sent to the customer when they request a job via the form you’ve created. You can set this up in system settings > notification preferences > Online web booking portal

  2. You may use tagging throughout in both the subject and the body paragraph area. When you are finished, hit ‘Save’.

Additional Troubleshooting - Payment Card settings

  • You can ask to store the customer's card details in preparation for invoicing a job.
  1. You can set the payment settings as ‘card not required’ or as ‘Store card but don’t charge the customer’.

  2. Once you’ve chosen your setting decision, hit ‘Save’. 

Removing access

  1. To remove access, tap the ‘remove access to booking form’ button. You will be asked to confirm your action by typing 'confirm' in the popup window. Hit ‘Confirm’ to finish.


  2. This removes the embedded access to the booking code, should you do this, it will no longer work on your website.