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Work address job access template

This setting was previously called:Work address access communication.

Purpose: This setting allows you to set communication to your customer when booking an estimate. Being able to send specific messages with different types of communications ensures you will be able to communicate with your customer about potential work. This helps reduce admin time and keeps the relationship between your customer, your company, and your engineer, strong. 

Please note 

  • When sending an email, the letter will be attached as a PDF attachment.
  • There is a section within the module for when a customer does not answer.  This module functions as the answer module, except you, may send out communications set on a timeframe that you choose.

Tagging is available for use as well, and we highly recommend using tagging throughout the modules to create communications that will help your customers and you in reduction of overhead and wasted time spent communicating back and forth.  To understand how tags work, and which tags do which, please refer to this article:


Throughout the system, there are modules that may be used to create communications. Most modules have to tag available, and you will see the option to add tags when you see the button.

  1. Go to profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left handed 'Categories' area > Work address job access template.

  2. This section has a variety of ways to communicate with your customer. You may set them in both email, SMS, or letter. You may use tagging throughout the subject and body paragraph area.



Advanced Options - Follow Up messages


  1. You may set up a follow-up message by going to Advanced options > ‘Add another follow-up message’

  2. You will first need to select a message name (usually the amount of time for the follow-up you’re creating). You can then select a range of time between 1 and 31 days.


  3. You have the same creation modules here for email, SMS, and letter. You may use tagging as needed throughout.