Document branding

Purpose: Branding colours can help make your documentation look more professional, allowing for better spacing of items within the document. Branding colours can match your company logo style depending on how you want to set it up. Better documentation coordination, along with the design of your documents, helps your company look more professional to your customers.

Set Branding colours

  1. Go to profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left handed 'Categories' area > Document branding.

  2. The selection for ‘text colour’ will edit the text colour within your headings as shown in the example. Trying different colors will react in real-time on the example sheet.

  3. The selection of 'Background colour' will edit the background colour of the heading as shown in example. Trying different colours will react in real-time on the example sheet.


  4. You may use the ‘Choose custom colour’ button to enter a hex value if you have a particular color in mind. This website can be particularly helpful in figuring out which specific color you’d like to use:

  5. Tap ‘save’ to save your changes.