After sales care email and SMS template

Purpose: This setting allows you to send a message to the job address contact after the final invoice has been raised or if the job is free of charge. You can set specific questions to have concise workflow processes. You can use this to inform the customer of a review site, to thank them for their custom, or to offer them a discount on their next job.

  1. Go to profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left handed 'Categories' area > After sales care email and SMS template
  2. You can add an after-sales communication message by entering information, including tagging. You can do this in both SMS and letter, be aware that the letter will be attached to your emails as an attachment.


  1. Click 'Use tagging' to bring up the list of tags Commusoft offers. These will autofill with specific information such as your customers' names and addresses etc. The tag 'after_sales_care_portal_url' will take the customer to the communication portal.