Xero: Tracking categories

Xero uses tracking categories and options instead of department codes or cost centres. This keeps your chart of accounts manageable. You can have two active tracking categories. In total, you can only have four tracking categories, eg two active and two archived categories. You can add multiple tracking options to each category. A category needs at least one tracking option to assign tracking to a transaction. You can link these to Business units in Commusoft. 

Link tracking categories

You can set up the accounting integration to link the associated Options to the Tracking categories, with Commusoft Business units. 


Existing package setups

📘️ Profile icon > Settings > Reporting > Business units > View

Link a new Business unit

📘️ Add Business unit > Enter the Business unit name > Select the require Categorgy option from the drop down under Third Party Reference > Save

Screenshot 2024-06-03 164002.png

Link an existing Business unit

📘️ Edit Business unit > Select the require Categorgy option from the drop down under Third Party Reference > Save

The Option Category must be created in Xero before it can be linked to Commusoft.


New Accounting Package setups

When integrating with Xero you will be given the option to import Business units from Xero as shown below as part of the setup wizard. Xero: Set up the accounting integration. This is only an option when first setting up the integration and can not be initiated for exisiting integrations. 

If you choose "Yes" to this question all the Category options associated with any Tracking categories will be imported into Commusoft and created as Business Units with the same name and the third party reference will be added automatically.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 162327.png

To avoid duplication or incorrect linking, ensure you select "No" and manually link the Category options to the existing Business units if the Business unit already exists in Commusoft.


Example Data

Screenshot 2024-06-03 163046.png

  • Tracking categories in Xero showing the Category Options that will import.


Screenshot 2024-06-03 162910.png

  • The Category Options created as Business units in Commusoft.