Google calendar integration

Purpose: You can easily integrate with your Google calendar through Commusoft and this will enable you to sync events from your own calendar with Commusoft's diary and have them appear on your Google calendar and vice versa. This means that events that you create through Commusoft (jobs, estimates, normal events etc) will be automatically shown on your Google calendar too.

Having accurate, up to date syncing between calendars allows you to view all your events in both places easily. It also means that events you create directly onto your Google calendar will come through to be displayed on your Commusoft diary too.

Please note:

  • This integration does not support recurring events meaning you will only see the initial event that you booked as opposed to a continued event cycle.
  • You can only have one type of calendar integration companywide, this means you cannot have a user with Google calendar integration, and another with Outlook integration
  • This is a 1:1 integration, you must integrate a single Outlook calendar to a single Commusoft user account.
  1. To enable the google calendar integration for all your users, navigate to Company settings > Integrations > Google Calendar > 'Add Integration. Enable the integration using the radio buttons > hit continue. 



  1. In order to set up your integration with Google Calendar, go to your profile icon(the user image in the top right corner) and click the Google Calendar icon in the top right:Google cal integration.jpg

  2. This will take you to your calendar where you will need to select an account you wish to integrate, and then allow the appropriate permissions for Commusoft to make changes to your Google calendar.

  3. Once this has been done, you will be able to sync events between your calendars. Creating a job or estimate etc. within Commusoft will create a corresponding event on your Google calendar. The event will contain all the details that you put through Commusoft to give a comprehensive summary:
  4. You can also go straight from your Google calendar event to the Commusoft event by clicking the job number link:Calendar_to_Commusoft.gif
  5. Adding an event through your Google calendar will create an event in Commusoft too, however, this will always appear as a 'Normal' event on your Commusoft diary, so you won't be able to create events as estimates or jobs this way.2019-10-08_09-37-58.jpg
  6. If you want to remove your calendar integration, once more click into your user icon and this time click 'Calendar settings'. From here, you can simply 'Disconnect' the two calendars.