Intelligent scheduling

Our intelligent scheduling feature is available on our Automation plan (if you'd like to speak to a member of our sales team about upgrading to this plan, please give us a call on 020 3026 6266). This module includes a number of settings that allows you to mass schedule dozens or even hundreds of jobs at a time, saving you the effort of creating individual events manually.

Mass scheduling of events:

If you have not done so yet, read up on how to set up shift patterns and skills for your engineers. This information is taken into account when the system begins to schedule events in bulk.

You can set up breaks through Commusoft as well. This means that you can set up things like lunch breaks or refuelling stops. If, for example, your engineers take a one hour lunch break in the afternoon, you can establish a 'lunch break', so that between the hours of, say, one and three o'clock, the system will work in a one hour gap to account for the break that the engineer will be taking.


You can set these breaks up through the 'Shifts' setting in your company setting (read more on the shifts settings with the article above).

In order to mass schedule a number of events simultaneously, go to 'Reporting'. Open 'Jobs' and select the 'Outstanding jobs' report.


When considering how to schedule your events, the system takes into account everything from shifts and skills to the engineers' starting location and any shift patterns they work according to. Select all available jobs using the tick icon and then click 'Mass schedule'.


You can then choose the date and or time you would like to schedule these jobs for as well as the people you wish for the system to take into account. You can choose specific engineers or select 'All' to consider everyone. You can also choose a specific time or date or a window in which to schedule these jobs.


Once the schedule has been generated, you will receive a notification from Commusoft.