Usage tips for iOS

Purpose: Your mobile device is a powerful tool for day-to-day work out in the field. Maintaining mobile devices is essential for running the Commusoft app, along with the recommended usage practices ensures you can access and run the mobile app when you need it.

Device specifications

Hardware specifications are a necessity for all software and it is important to consider these when using the Commusoft app.

Any device used to access Commusoft must meet the minimum requirements, however, we would recommend devices used exceed these to ensure you can run the Commusoft app and any other essential app for use out in the field at the same time.

📘️Minimum requirements for running Commusoft

Internet connection

A strong WiFi/data connection is recommended when using the Commusoft app, although this is not always possible depending on location.

It is recommended to have a strong connection to the internet when first opening the app each day to ensure a full data sync can be completed before travelling between locations.

The app is able to function offline, however, it is important to know which functions are not available offline.

📘️Does the app function offline?

Accept events when the user is notified, the night before or morning of the event

Web users will see at a glance that all events have been seen and the engineer can attend, giving you time to advise the engineer to manually sync the app in cases where the event did not sync.

Please note:

  • Multiple events can be accepted at any given time and events can be edited if accepted.

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Close apps not actively in use

Keeping apps open in the background uses up device resources and can reduce battery life.

If the Commusoft app is left open, you may also experience a build up of data to sync to the web. Closing any open app when not in use will ensure the device has enough memory free at any given time.

To close apps simply go into the recent apps list on your device (double-tap the home button, or swipe up from the bottom of the phone) and swipe apps closed.

Keep the app updated

The Commusoft app receives updates constantly, enabling automatic updates on the Apple App Store ensures you always have the most up-to-date version installed.

  • Settings > App store > Toggle ‘App updates’ on

Keep app notifications on

Notifications ensure engineers are aware of any new events or changes to existing events. 

When logging into the app, users will be asked to allow notification permissions. This can also be enabled in the device settings.

  • Settings > Commusoft > Notifications > Toggle ‘Allow notifications’ on

Restarting your device

Mobile devices are often left on for prolonged time periods causing data to cache and device resources to be unavailable.

We would recommend restarting your phone or tablet from time to time to clear device resources. In the same way you would turn off a PC or Mac after use, your mobile device needs an occasional restart for maintenance.

Uninstalling the Commusoft app

Do not uninstall the app unless advised to do so by a support team member.

Any data entered into the app is stored locally on the device until it has fully synced to the web, uninstalling the app will result in unsynced data being deleted and there is no way to recover this if it happens. Valuable backend data on the issue being experienced may also be lost and block investigation by the client services team.

Use the mobile app daily

The mobile app is intended for daily usage. If not used daily a large queue of data can build up to sync to that device when it is opened and can cause delays in seeing the data you need to see at that point.

We recommend uninstalling the app from any device that is not used for extended periods (eg. user is on leave for 5+ days).

Enable app permissions

App permissions are required for various functions to work correctly, eg. Photos access to attach files or phone access to make calls.

When first logging into the app the user will be asked to grant these permissions. If at any time these need to be changed you can do so within the device settings.

  • Location - Record device location.
  • Notifications - Receive notifications for diary changes.
  • Microphone - Record voice notes.
  • Photos - Attach files from device storage.
  • Contact - Import a contact from your device.


If you experience an issue in the app the following steps can be carried out prior to contacting support for further assistance.

  1. Pull to refresh on Home screen, List View or Monthly view > Wait 5 mins.
    Pull to refresh will check for diary events comparing the current user's diary to the server. Pull to refresh is for diary events only.
  2. Close the Commusoft app along with all unnecessary apps > Open the Commusoft app > Wait 5 mins. Closing apps resets cached memory and frees up device resources.

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Contacting support

For any queries or further investigation into issues experienced, please contact us at or if you have telephone support call us on 02030266266, option 2, to speak to a member of the team.

Please provide as much information on the mobile issue you are experiencing and include as much of the information relevant to the issue experienced listed below to allow us to effectively investigate:

  • Username of affected user.
  • Job/estimate/invoice number(s) or Normal event description.
  • Certificate name and number (if applicable).
  • Detailed description of issue experienced.
  • Screenshots or screen recording of issue experienced.

You can capture a screenshot on iOS devices by pressing and holding the lock screen button and clicking the 'Home' button simultaneously or pressing the lock screen and volume up buttons simultaneously, depending on the iOS device in use.

To take a screen recording, check that this is enabled in your device settings:

▶️ How to enable screen recording on iPhone