Sending a job report

You can send a job report to the customer after the job is complete. This may contain information such as engineer feedback, parts installed etc.



You can edit the information shown within the job report in system settings.

  1. In order to send off a job report, first, use the 'search bar' and look for the customer or work address with the job you want to send the report for.  Click on the name of the customer or work address to open their account. You could also search for the job number itself.

  2. Within the ongoing work section, click 'View' next to the job you will be sending the job report for.

  3. Click 'Quick links' in the top right corner of the job screen then click 'Send job report'.

  4. You will now see a preview of the job report. You can decide here whether you would like to email the report or print it.