Filling in estimates

You can fill in an estimate by adding an introduction, body, prices, invoicing etc. These can be completed when viewing the estimate.

The answers to these leave questions can then be viewed and copied over to the estimate introduction and body when viewing it in full-screen mode.

You will need to have some estimate templates set up if you want to create estimates quickly. Click here to see how to add and configure estimate templates

  1. Find the customer/work address with the estimate you would like to fill in, click 'View' next to the estimate to open it. You will then see a page with all of the details of your estimate

  2. Use the navigation on the left of the screen to see each section of the estimate. Fill in the fields as required



This page shows the details of the estimate. It shows the date, description, notes for engineer and the diary events listed for this estimate.

You can edit this information by clicking edit in the top right corner. You can add a diary event to this estimate on this page too, as well as any invoice item categories you have added to the system –  invoice categories.



This page shows the introduction for this estimate. This can be manually typed into this box, or you can set this up within system settings Click here to see how to add and configure estimate templates.


Estimate body:

This page shows the estimate body. This can be manually typed into this box, or set up within system settings Click here to see how to add and configure estimate templates



This section means you can add parts into the estimate and these will be taken through to the job once accepted. To see more information on this, please use this guide: Estimate parts.


This page allows you to set how you would like the price to be displayed. You can choose between no breakdown, breakdown by category, full breakdown, or full breakdown by category.

No breakdown: One line item with the total price included.

Breakdown by category: Split the invoice by labour and parts.

Full breakdown: Split the invoice into individual line items.

Full breakdown by category: Split the invoice into line items, grouped by category (for example, labour or parts).


Invoice schedule:

This page allows you to set when you would like to receive payment for your invoices. You can choose to take payment upfront, upon completion of the job, or your choice of how many months after completion,. You can also split the payment.

If you are splitting payment between these, you can type in the price for each section, or you can type a percentage (number followed by a % sign e.g 25%) and the system will automatically calculate this and enter it in the box.


Send to a customer:

This page shows you the estimate as it will be sent/printed. It will show you a preview of the document. From here you can email or print. You can also attach terms and conditions.


This page allows you to select whether the customer has accepted/rejected the estimate. This will turn the estimate into a job. 

Quick links:

In the top right corner, you will see quick links, here you can add an additional option to the estimate. This can be useful if a customer wants a quote for two different boilers for example. 


You can also clone the estimate if you are only changing a few details, as well as being able to delete the estimate here.