Dynamic tagging for estimates

Dynamic tagging allows you to create an estimate template with blank fields. This allows you to fill these in when you use this template when creating an estimate. For example, you can add a tag such as {number of radiators} and you can fill this in according to the estimate you are creating.

  1.  Go to your system settings and from the 'Estimates' section, click 'Set up templates'.

  2. You will see a page with your estimate templates. You can add a new one on the left, or you can configure an existing one on the right. Click 'Configure estimate template'.

  3. There will be a page with 2 text boxes. One is the introduction, and the other is the body. Within the body of the estimate, you can use dynamic tags. You can type anything you want in the brackets.

    {   } The text written inside these brackets will be removed and then filled with a value later.

  4. Then go to the customer you would like to add an estimate to. Add an estimate as usual click here if you would like to learn how to do this. Then click on 'Estimate body'. 

  5. You will see a screen which will show you a list of dynamic tags. You can now fill in the relevant information according to the dynamic tags you have typed in. When you click 'Save' it will update the estimate's body to include this information.