Purpose: To be able to utilise Commusoft in the best way for your business we recommend running through these overviews below. The steps will teach you the basics of using Commusoft as an owner/manager.

Please note:

  • You may not have access to each module within Commusoft. Please speak to the sales team or contact support@commusoft.co.uk to increase your access to the system if need be.
  • Logging into Commusoft is the first thing you need to do make sure you have completed Getting Started with Commusoft

Adding Users

It is important to add all of your users to Commusoft. Users are your employees, they can be office staff, engineers, or accountants etc.

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Set up your users


🔗️Can I change another users password?

🔗️How do I change my own password?

Customers/Work Addresses

Customers are very important within Commusoft. Without them, you won't be able to create estimates, jobs, or service reminders. A customer is anyone who you perform works for. They can be private customers, businesses, estate agents etc.

A work address is a property where jobs or other events take place. This property is owned by a customer, such as tenant properties.

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Service Reminders

Service reminders are reminders that a property requires a service. You can set these up in system settings. You will receive notifications when the automatic reminders are sent, or when you need to send some manually.

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The diary is where you will see all of your users in a schedule. You can assign users events to complete. Office staff can be assigned to normal events, and engineers can be assigned to estimates and jobs.

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📘️Diary (Overview)


Estimates are created against a customer/work address, completed by any user, and the customer can accept/reject this estimate. If the estimate is accepted it is turned into a job to be completed straight away, or completed at a later date.

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Jobs are created against a customer/work address, completed by an engineer using the mobile application, and can be invoiced. When you receive a call/email from a customer asking for a job/service, you will need to book an event for them.

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📘️Jobs (Overview)


Suppliers are very important within Commusoft. Without them, you won't be able to create purchase orders, supplier invoices or credit notes. A supplier is anyone who provides parts or services to you.

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Reporting will allow you to view each aspect of your business within Commusoft. Advanced reporting provides a range of reports for your business performance encompassing not just financial reports but also operational reports.

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