Estimates (Overview)

This overview will teach you all you need to know about estimates within Commusoft. It will walk you through each page within the estimate module. It is important that you go through these links in order and read all of the information carefully.

The following lessons will walk you through the basic use of estimates. Click on the title to view the articles in a new tab.

Configuring estimate templates
Before adding your estimates, you'll want to set up templates. Templates will pre-fill the introduction and body section of the estimate so you can create them quicker. 

Add an estimate 
This article will teach you how to add an estimate. When a customer calls to book an estimate you can add it straight into the diary, or you can add it through their account.

Fill in estimate 
This article will teach you how to fill in an estimate.

Edit an estimate 
This article will teach you how to edit an estimate. This is particularly useful if someone has made a mistake, or if you would like to change the date or details of the estimate.

Add an additional option 
This is used when you are creating more than one estimate for a customer, this can be due to different specifications of appliances, or different time scales for example.

Add a reminder 
This article will teach you how to add a reminder to an estimate. These are useful to give users notifications for when a part needs to be ordered for example.

Delete an estimate 
This article will teach you how to delete an estimate. This should only be used if the estimate has been created by mistake.

Frequently asked questions  
This is a section of articles written specifically for common questions our support centre get asked. If there are questions you have that are not covered, contact our support team to raise them.