How to view and clear your notifications

You can view notifications on any screen throughout Commusoft. They will appear in a small window when you click the 'globe' icon (below). From here you can view all notifications, the users involved, and complete them.

  1. Click the notification icon (the globe next to your 'Settings') and it will open a small window where you can view a few pending notifications.

  2. Click 'See all notifications' and it will open a page of all of the notifications you have received.

  3. From here you can click the plus icon next to a notification to view it in a side panel.

  4. You can complete this notification once you have viewed/performed the task. This means that it will no longer appear in your notifications list. 

  5. You can either mark individual notifications or simply mark all notifications as complete simultaneously to clear them all. If you wish to be more specific, select the notifications you wish to clear and click 'Mark selected notifications as complete: