Estimate notes and communications page

This page shows you all of the notes against this estimate along with all of the communications you have made. You can add notes such as: how to access the building, where the spare keys are kept etc. You can also record the phone calls you have with customers about this specific estimate, this can be useful to keep track of the progress of estimates, or just general enquiries.

  • You can also search through the notes and communications by using the search bar in the top left of this section. 
  • You can use the 'Filter' function to differentiate between Emails, SMS messages or Emails. This allows you to see a specific kind of communication rather than just a chronological list of all the information stored.


If you wish to add a new note or send out a new Email, SMS, or add a record of a phone call, use the buttons beneath the search and filer bar. 


For each of these, you will be taken to a page where you can either create your note, send your SMS or Email (including the ability to use tagging) or record a phone call.