Customer/work address (Overview)

Purpose: To be able to utilise Commusoft in the best way for your business, we recommend running through these overviews below. 

This overview will teach you all you need to know about customers within Commusoft. It will walk you through each page within the customer module. It is important that you go through these links in order and read all of the information carefully.

The following lessons will walk you through the basic use of customers as well as the tabs located on the customer's profile. Click on the title to view the articles in a new tab:

Customer types
A customer type can be a private customer, company, estate agent, or anyone that you will carry out works for, read here how to set these up.

Add a customer 
This article will teach you how to add a customer. Before you can add any jobs, estimates, reminders, or invoices you need to add customers. 

Customer page tabs

These will look slightly different depending on the type of customer you’ve chosen, but the purpose of each page is the same, and each includes a number of tabs

Search customers 
This article will teach you how to search within Commusoft for your customers. You can search via their name, address, postcode, accounting reference and more. 

Property (the property page)
This article will teach you how the property page works. The property page shows you the customer details, ongoing work, and history.

Notes and communications 
This article will teach you how to view and add notes and communications to a customer. You can add notes such as: how to access the building, where the spare keys are kept etc. You can also record the phone calls you have with customers.

This article will teach you how to view contacts, add a new contact to a customer, edit, and delete a contact. Contacts are the people you communicate with.

Work addresses 
This article will teach you how to view the work addresses associated with this customer. A work address is a property where you will complete works. This can be a tenant address, a building site address, or a commercial building for example.

Branches can be added from individual customer profiles. On the customer profile, along the top, you will see the tab for 'Branches'. From here you can add additional branches to a customer profile. This can be useful if you have created a new company that has offices in multiple locations.

This article will teach you how to view appliances associated with customers. Appliances are items like boilers, cookers, and fires.

Assets are pieces of equipment that are installed at a customer or work address. These can be anything from boilers to fire alarms and anything in-between, similar to appliances.

This article will teach you how to view the files you have attached to this customer. These files can be images of their appliances or general paperwork.

Frequently asked questions  
This is a section of articles written specifically for common questions our support centre get asked. You'll be able to find quick fixes for common issues here.