Add and remove users from the diary

Purpose: This feature controls which users' events are displayed in the diary. Users can be added to ensure visibility of their events, removed if they are unavailable or no longer using the diary, and reordered based on user groups for better organization and management of schedules.




Add users to the diary

For new user

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Users > Users > View > Add new user. 

In contact details, choose 'Appear in the diary'.

Diary management.png

For existing users

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Users > Users > View > View > Edit business details > choose 'Appear in the diary' > Save

Diary management 1.2.png

Add/remove users from diary

➡️ Diary > Users

  • You can filter users on the schedule to hide those you don't want to see, helpful when someone is on vacation.
  • Use the search bar or scroll to find a user. Tick or untick boxes to show/hide users.

Diary management 1.3.png

Rearrange users order

  • The order of the users are retained in diary.
  • When you select a user group, its users are added to the list but won't show on the diary unless you manually select and arrange them.
  • When you reorder users within one user group, and then you choose another group, the users in the newly selected group will appear at the end of the diary list.

Diary management 1.4.png