Place a job on hold

Purpose: Putting a job on hold means temporarily stopping its progress.  This status is typically used when there is a need to delay the job for some reasons without being canceled or completed. You can also set some pre-defined on hold reasons from system settings and use it while putting the job on hold. 

Please note:

  • You can still create diary events for on hold jobs.
  • If you choose to 'Set a reminder,' you can view this action in the 'Reminders' tab.

Place job on hold

  • Search the customer name > Under On going work, Click 'View' > Quick links > Place job on hold

Place job on-hold 1.1.png

  • You can use the dropdown to select the on hold reason and tick whether you want to set a reminder to re-book this job.
  • Set the date and user for remainder >'Save'.


Remove on hold status

  • Quick links > Remove on hold status.

Place job on-hold 1.2.png

  • Type 'Remove' > Remove.

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