Mobile settings

Purpose: Customise the diary and job address visibility per user. 

Limiting the diary view will ensure your users are focused on the events within the desired time period, whilst expanding the diary view will provide transparency and will allow users that book their own events more freedom to available diary slots.

Additionally hiding the job address promotes best app usage practices. Actioning diary events in a timely manner creates more accurate job costings and ensures prompt communication with the office teams.

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Diary event statuses

Please note:

  • Selecting '--Please choose--' will allow you to see unlimited days
  • To sync changes, close app > reopen app > wait 5 minutes

Mobile settings - Hide address details

View mobile settings

1. Go to Profile icon > Settings > Users > Users > View user > Mobile settings
   'Ability to view events in the past' - Select from drop-down > Save
   'Ability to view events in the future' - Select from drop-down > Save
   'Hide address details' - Tick/Untick >Save