Book a diary event for a job

Purpose: The diary is the main hub for managing engineer activities throughout the day, week, month or even year. You can add several diary events to one job and it shows a date and time an engineer will visit a property to carry out works.

Add new diary event

In order to book a diary event, first search for the customer/work address you want to book a diary event for.


Click on the name of the customer/work address to open their account. In the section labelled 'On going work', click 'View' next to the job you would like to book a diary event for.

Book diary event 1.1.png

You can now see all of the details related to that job, including its overview, any existing diary events and parts. Under 'Diary events' section, click 'Add new diary event' on the right side of the screen. Enter the details as required and click 'Save'.

Book diary event 1.2.png
When setting up the job details themselves, you can also click a checkbox that will automatically take you to the diary to book a job:


Either way, once the job has been added, a side-panel will be displayed to allow you to confirm all the information is correct before you hit 'Save'. you can make any last-minute amendments from here.