Email signature template

This setting was previously called: Email signature template.


Purpose: Adding a specific email signature for your company keeps your communication professional. You’re able to add pertinent information, such as emergency contacts, additional contact information, such as emails, phone numbers, mobile numbers etc. Setting it and forgetting it, knowing that your communication is professional and clean, reduces administrative time and helps your workflow processes.

Please note:

  • Email signatures will appear at the bottom of all emails sent through the Commusoft system. This email signature will be added to any templates that send out correspondence etc., but will not be loaded when those templates load.

Setup Signature message

  1. Go to profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left-handed 'Categories' area > Email signature template.

  2. Enter your information within the signature message, anything here will appear as the last part of the email. We do not recommend added "sincerely, regards, etc." due to the variety of templates within the system.

  3. You can also insert an image may be your company logo.