Diary event statuses and icons

Purpose: The diary is the main hub for managing engineer activities throughout the day, week, month or even year. Understanding the icons and statuses seen on the web diary will speed up your diary usage and clarify the stage your jobs are at without the need to go into the job details screen.

Diary event status updates can be triggered by actions performed on the web app or on the mobile app. Understanding how the diary events can be updated ensures clarity on who is able to perform the relevant actions across the system.

Please note:

  • Diary events cannot be edited once it has been updated to Arrived.
  • Job statuses Complete and Final invoiced can be reversed, no other job/estimate statuses can be reversed.
  • If a mobile app user actions a diary event as Arrived in error, they will need to abort the event and a new event must be created for this job/estimate.

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Event types

There are 3 types of diary events, these are distinguished with the following icons:

Normal.png Normal
Estimate.png Estimate
Job.png Job

Job/Estimate statuses

The current status of an estimate or job event will be displayed in the top left corner of the diary event. This will be shown further when hovering over the event to see the information pop-up.

This job has been completed, but not invoiced.
This job has been aborted.
This job has been final invoiced.
2015-11-20_16-48-01_dot_orange.png This job was marked as free of charge.
estimate_accepted_icon.png This estimate has been accepted by the customer.
estimate_rejected_icon.png This estimate has been rejected by the customer.

Diary event statuses

The majority of diary event statuses are actioned by mobile app users, keeping the office informed and updated on the web. Accurate diary event management allows the office to better utilise their engineer’s time throughout the day and ensures they know where they are in their planned day’s work.

Below is a list of the icons that appear on diary events at different stages of estimate/job events:

Accepted - The engineer has reviewed the event information and agreed to attend the property.
Rejected - The engineer has reviewed the event information but not agreed to attend the property.
Travel - The engineer is travelling to the property.
Aborted - The event cannot be completed by the engineer, they will need to give a valid reason for aborting an event. This will only abort the event, not the job as a whole.
Arrived - The engineer has arrived at the property and gained access.
No access - The engineer has arrived at the property but is not able to gain access.
Left - The engineer has finished their work and has left the property.
Cancelled - The event is no longer required. This status can only be created by a web action.