Purpose: Maintaining up-to-date customer contact details facilitates efficient customer service, adapts to changing circumstances, and ultimately contributes to long-lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Accurate contact information enables a personalised approach, demonstrating that the customer is valued and remembered. This is particularly important in respecting their communication preferences and ensuring you are GDPR compliant.

Please note:

  • Manual communications can still be sent if the contact information is added and the preference is not selected
  • If a customer is not receiving an automatic communication, check the preference is selected for their contact
  • SMS preference will not display if you do not have SMS enabled on your account
  • Primary contact is only available for private customer type(s)
  • Editing a contact will update all historical data
  • Deleted customers cannot be restored

View contacts

Navigate to customer/work address dashboard > Contacts

Contacts tab.png

Adding a contact

Add new contact - Enter contact details

  • Title - Select from dropdown
  • Name - Type customer first name
  • Surname - Required field
  • Office - Click field name to change phone number type > Click flag to change area code > Type phone number > Add phone number

Add phone number.png

Communication preferences

When entering information in a field that relates to a communication preference, the preference is ticked automatically. Tick/untick the preferences as per the customer's request.

Primary contact

Set a clear point of communication with a primary contact for private customers. All documentation for this customer will be addressed to this contact and this contact name will be displayed in the details side panel.

Locate contact > Actions > Set as primary contact > Type โ€˜primaryโ€™ > Save

Editing a contact

Locate contact > Actions > Edit

Deleting a contact

Locate contact > Actions > Delete

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