Estimate no access email template

This setting was previously called: Estimate no access message.

This setting allows you to set a communication for either a customer or a work address for when an engineer is unable to access a site for an estimate event. This helps reduce admin time by setting specific communication you can design to get them on-site as soon as possible. This also helps keep the communication between your engineer and customer concise. 

Please note: SMS texts only allow for 160 characters. Going over 160 characters will incur an additional usage of credits.

Tagging is available for use as well, and we highly recommend using tagging throughout the modules to create communications that will help your customers and you in reduction of overhead and wasted time spent communicating back and forth.  To understand how tags work, and which tags do which, please refer to this article:

Throughout the system, there are modules that may be used to create communications. Most modules have tagging available, and you will see the option to add tags when you see this button.

  1. Go to profile button > settings > use search functionality or navigate via the left handed 'Categories' area > Estimate no access email template.

  2. First, you may select if you wish to automatically send a message to a customer via the radio buttons. From there, you can create specific emails and SMS communication to either a customer or a work address. You may use tagging throughout the module.