Deleting a user

Purpose: You may need to delete a user for a couple of reasons. The employee has the left the business or you need to delete the user to re create them with a different license type. 

If you delete an engineer, their name will be removed from the diary, however, their diary events such as jobs, estimates, and history will remain with that user. The user timesheet report will still be available for this user even after they have been deleted. If the user uses the mobile app, it will no longer sync with the system. Their mobile app will be unusable.

Please note:

  • A deleted user cannot be recovered/reversed
  • You must reassign all future jobs/estimates to another user before you can delete the user
  • You cannot delete yourself as a user, another user must do this
  • Only Owner/Managers can delete users

How to delete a user

  1. Profile Icon > Settings > Users > Users > View > Quick links > Delete user

deleting a user.png


     2. Type "delete"




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