The diary side panel

The diary is where all user events, engineer estimates and jobs are organised and viewed.

Anyone who views the diary will be able to see where an engineer is, when he/she should complete a task, and what tasks they have to do at what time.

By using the sidebar you can change which engineers you can view on the diary, you can print job sheets and more.

How to use the diary side panel

Click into your diary through the navigation bar. Your diary sidebar will always be on the right side of the diary page. It only becomes covered when you are viewing an event or adding an event to the diary.

This is used to quickly navigate through the diary. Click Today to see today's diary. Using the arrows next to 'Today' you can view the diary for the day, week, month before or after depending on which diary view you are on. You can also navigate through the calendar (using the arrows next to the month/year) and choose a specific day by clicking the date you want to see.

This section is used to change who you can see in the diary. This is useful if an engineer is away for a long time and you want to remove them from the diary until they return, or if you want to split the diary into groups or skills. 


  • Click 'Users' to open a side menu with a list of your users.
  • Click the small tick box next to a user to add/remove them from the diary view.
  • Then click 'Save' on the bottom of the page.

  • Click 'User groups' to expand options of user groups to show on the diary.  Click here to see how to do this.

This section is used to print job sheets, summary sheets and download data.

This section includes nearby events and colour scheme.


  • Click 'Nearby events' to open a search bar to search an address/postcode.
  • If there are any engineers near that location it will appear here. Then you will be able to book a job for that engineer around the time of the existing job within that area. This will reduce travel time and costs.

Please note -- only events in the future will appear in the nearby events section.

You can click this event to see more details, then you can book the new event before/after this event to save travel costs. Click here to see how to do this.

Click 'Colour scheme' to expand a choice of 2 colour scheme options. You can use 'by engineer' or 'by job type' click the button next to the option you wish to choose.

Click here to see how to change a job type colour