Customer account number

Purpose: As a business, you may have a specific numbering system for your customer accounts that you would like to carry over into Commusoft. Customer account numbers are automatically generated when a customer/work address is created. It is used to distinguish and track different customers/work addresses, making it easier to manage and reference them in the system.

Lightbulb icon.png You have the option to either create customers without setting a 'Customer account number,' in which case it will take the default account number, or configure this setting beforehand and then proceed with adding a customer.
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Editing customer/work address account numbers is not permitted

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Changes made to customer account numbers will only affect newly created customers or work addresses

First customer account number

Profile > Settings > Customers > Customer account number > View.

  • Select 1 > Save
  • Select 1000 > Save
  • Select 'Custom' > Enter number > Save.
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Existing customer account numbers will remain unchanged. If your current customer number exceeds 1 or 1000, it cannot be selected.

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Additionally, if you opt for the 'custom' option, you cannot include prefixes or suffixes. Custom account number must be higher than the last customer account number created.

Customer account number 1.1.png

Lightbulb icon.png If you have an existing customer/work address and choose the 'Custom' option for configuring the 'Customer account number,' the system will display the last account number and prompt you to select a higher number.