Advertising sources

Purpose: Depending on how you market your company, you may have a variety of types of advertising you do. This setting allows you to add them, which will get added to your “how did you hear from us” ways customers can answer when requested.

Within the system, you can edit various forms of how your customers heard/contacted you for work. This page will allow you to add items to any dropdown relating to advertising.


View Setting

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Customers > Advertising Sources > View 


Add Advertising type

➡️ Complete Advertising types field > Add advertising type

Screenshot 2024-04-25 221635.png

Edit Advertising type

➡️ Click Edit > Amend Reason > Save free of charge reason


Merge Advertising type

➡️ Click Edit > Choose "Yes" next to the "Do you want to merge this advertising type" > Select the advertising type from the drop-down. > Merge

Screenshot 2024-04-25 221954.png

Delete Advertising type

➡️ Delete > Type "Delete" > Delete