How do I change my password?

Purpose: You may want to change your password if you have forgotten it or you feel that someone else has gained access to your account. 

How to change your password before logging in

  • Forgotten Password? > Type company ID > Type Username > Reset Password.
  • An email will then be sent to the email address associated with that username.
  • Reset Password > Type new password > Retype new password > Reset password.

Please note:

  • If you don't receive your reset email address, it's likely that the inbox you are looking in isn't the email address that is associated with that user.

How to change your password after logging into Commusoft

  • Profile Icon > Change Password > Type new password > Re type new password > Save.

How to change your password on the mobile app

  1. Forgot password? > Type ID > Type Username > Reset Password.

Please note:

  • You can only change your password if you're not already logged into the app.
  • If you need to reset your password when you are already logged in, please ask an Owner/Manager within your company to do this.

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