Loan application rejection template

Implementing a Loan Application Rejection Email Template within our Sales CRM provides significant value by streamlining the communication process between financial institutions and applicants. This feature enhances efficiency, ensures consistency, and improves the customer experience. Here are the key value propositions:

  1. Time Efficiency: Automates the rejection notification process, saving valuable time for both the sales and finance teams.
  2. Consistency: Ensures that all applicants receive a standardized message, maintaining a professional and uniform communication approach.
  3. Customer Experience: Delivers clear and respectful rejection notices, helping maintain a positive relationship with potential clients despite the negative outcome.
  4. Compliance and Documentation: Provides a documented trail of communication which is essential for regulatory compliance and internal auditing.
  5. Brand Image: Enhances the company's reputation by ensuring all communications are professionally handled and branded appropriately.


View Setting

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Proposal > Loan application rejection > View


Create template

➡️ Complete template contents > Save


Use tagging to help add information and helps reduce administrative work


What action triggers this notification: 

Once the Finance option is opted for, whoever has Sales access can request the finance request.

➡️ Reporting tab > Burger menu > Finance > Finance request.

  • All finance requests will be shown. Click Reject for the finance request.
  • This email will be triggered and the customer will receive this email/SMS.
  • Since the finance request is rejected, customer can use the same proposal portal link from the email and can choose the option "Pay in full".