Contracts categories

Purpose: Different contract categories enhance organisation, reporting, accessibility, and overall workflow management efficiency. Creating new categories saves administrative time by clearly indicating which contracts to use for specific purposes.

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➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Contracts > Contract categories > View 

Add contract category

➡️ Add contract category > Complete the side panel > Save

  • Category Name: Indicates the category's purpose and will be displayed on reports.
  • Category Description: Aids users in understanding the category's relevance and ensures accuracy when allocating it to an appropriate contract template.

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Reorder your list using the Contract categories 1.2.png slider.


These contract categories are utilised for reporting purposes, allowing you to monitor the volume of specific contracts sold. Here are some examples of names and descriptions:

  1. Maintenance Contracts
    • Contracts specifically designed for regular maintenance tasks, ensuring equipment longevity and optimal performance.
  2. Service Agreements
    • Contracts outlining service terms and conditions. Agreements detailing the scope of services provided, including response times, service levels, and pricing structures.
  3. Warranty Contracts
    • Contracts specifying warranty coverage, duration, and conditions for repair or replacement of defective products.
  4. Subscription Contracts
    • Agreements for subscription-based services, often with periodic billing cycles and automatic renewals.
  5. Project Contracts
    • Contracts tailored for specific projects, including project scope, deliverables, milestones, and payment terms.


Edit a contract category

➡️ Locate the category in list > Edit > Update the side panel > Save


Delete a contract category

➡️ Locate the category in list > Delete > Type 'Delete' > Delete

"Planned Preventive Maintenance" and "Service Plans" are default categories that cannot be deleted.

A contract category cannot be deleted if it has been linked to an active contract template.