SMS templates

Purpose: Streamlining your communication process, creating SMS templates in advance offers convenience and customization. These pre-designed formats save valuable time by eliminating the need to create designs from scratch. Utilizing pre-configured templates ensures consistency in formatting across all your SMS. Additionally, it allows you to maximize the character limit space and include valuable tagging, such as for our payment portal.

View templates

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Communications > SMS templates > View

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Add new template

SMS template settings allow users to customise and manage templates for text messages. Users can create, edit, and categorize SMS templates for different purposes, such as appointments, reminders, portal links and service updates.

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Communications > SMS templates > View > Add new SMS template > Complete side panel > Save

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  • Folder: The folder in which SMS template needs to be saved
  • Name: SMS template name
  • Message: Convey the purpose of message. Use tagging if required
  • Cancel/Save

Edit SMS template

➡️ Locate the template > Edit > Update side panel > Save

Delete SMS template

➡️ Locate the template > Delete > Type "Delete" > Delete


Archive SMS template

➡️ Locate the template > Delete > Type "Archive " > Archive


SMS templates cannot be deleted once they are assigned to any communications; only archiving is allowed.

Add new folder

You have the flexibility to create as many folders as you require, and within each folder, you can further organize your SMS templates by creating subfolders.

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Communications > SMS templates > View > Add new folder

  1. Create a top tier folder
  2. Create subfolder within an existing folder.

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You can create maximum of 5 sub folders under a top tier folder.

Edit folder

➡️ Locate the folder > Change the folder name > Save

Delete folder

➡️ Locate the folder > Delete > Type Delete > Delete

If there are any active or archived templates within the folder, it cannot be deleted.


Organizing folders and templates

Move templates

  • To move SMS templates from one folder to another, simply select the corresponding checkbox and drag and drop the template into the desired folder.

Move folders

  • If you're thinking about moving a folder into another folder instead of moving templates, simply drag and drop the folder into the desired folder.