Pipeline - After acceptance tracking

Purpose: After a proposal is accepted, a job will be created and its progress can be tracked on the opportunity dashboard using the options in 'After acceptance tracking'. Sales teams use this to ensure salespeople take responsibility for starting the job successfully.


After acceptance tracking

Profile icon > Settings > Opportunities > Pipelines > View

In 'After acceptance tracking' tab, select all or required checkboxes > Save

  • Display opportunities where finance is pending approval - When the finance option is opted and it is pending for approval.
  • Display jobs where the deposit hasn’t been paid - Opportunity is accepted, but the customer hasn't been paid the deposit amount.
  • Displays jobs which haven’t been scheduled yet - Deposit has been paid and waiting for diary event to be created for the job.

After acceptance tracking 1.1.png


In the Opportunities tab, select the pipeline, and you'll see the extended pipeline according to the options you selected in 'After Acceptance Tracking'.

Please note:

  • After the first diary event is created for the job, the opportunity will be removed from pipeline.

After acceptance tracking 1.2.png