Workflow Marketplace

Purpose: The Workflow Marketplace offers a collection of ready-to-use automations that can be effortlessly activated or deactivated, aiming to enhance efficiency by streamlining and automating routine manual tasks. It’s possible to automate 5 out of the 7 workflows; estimate chasing, debt chasing for companies, debt chasing for private customers, customer invoice payment receipts, negative diary event tasks, after sales response and finally, proposal chasing.







Getting Started 

Before you begin you will need to set up Email Templates and Communication Rules in your Settings.

The term ‘stage’ refers to a piece of your workflow.


➡️ Profile Icon > Settings > Automation > Workflow Marketplace > Edit


  1. Red: Disabled Green - Enabled
  2. Edit: Edit your workflow stages
  3. View: View your workflow stages in read-only
  4. View the history of this automation: This will take you to the audit trail of the workflow


Editing your Workflows

The stages for each workflow are already built and ready to go, however, you may wish to change how these operate. 


You can set the delay of the next stage by minutes, hours, days or months. 

WFM - Delay.png

Send an email

Set who the email of this workflow is sent to and CC / BCC users as well. You can also select which email template is used here as well.WFM - Email.png

assigning email templates on WFM.gif

Create a office task

Set an office task for a user or multiple users to complete when the workflow is finished.WFM - Office task.png

Field based delay

Set the delay for the payment chase by days/months.

WFM - Field based delay (1).png


Stages will vary from Workflow to Workflow

If a setting on a stage is greyed out, this means it has been hard coded and cannot be changed


Enabling your workflows

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Automation > Workflow Marketplace > View > Toggle necessary workflows

enabling workflows.gif


Unable to edit your workflow? You will need to make sure it’s disabled first. 

When a workflow that was previously active is disabled, it will complete its current processes before coming to a complete stop.


View the history of this automation

Audit trail

If a customer is not receiving emails or if you wish to verify the current status of a workflow for a specific customer to ensure seamless communication, it is advisable to review the audit trail.

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Automation > Workflow Marketplace > View > View the history of this automation > History > Audit Trail

WFM - Audit trail 1-1 (1).png

  1. Date Filter - Choose a date range or a specific time period (e.g last week, last month)
  2. Status Filter - Filter workflows by their status — options include In Progress, Finished, Failed, or view all.
  3. Property - Select which properties workflow stages you would like to view
  4. Complete Status - This stage has been completed
  5. Running Status - This stage is currently due to take place next
  6. Skipped Status - This stage has been skipped as it wasn’t able to complete
  7. Failed Status - This stage has encountered an issue and is unable to complete
  8. Pending Status - Awaiting commencement; scheduled to start once preceding stages are completed or skipped.

Set up Videos

▶️ Setting up 'Negative Diary Event' workflow

▶️ Setting up 'Customer Invoice Payment Receipt' workflow

▶️ Setting up 'After Sales' workflow

▶️ Setting up 'Debt Chasing for Private Customers & Companies' workflow

▶️ Setting up 'Estimate Chase' workflow

▶️ Setting up 'Proposal Chase' workflow