Assign custom field templates to objects

Purpose: To make use of any custom field template created, they need to be assigned to an object which determines where in the system the fields are displayed, for example, when adding a new customer.


View setting

➡️ Profile icon > Settings  > Global > Assign custom field templates to objects > View

ACFTtO setting.png

Assigning templates

The list on the left side of the table shows the available objects, selecting one reveals object-specific segments to choose from.

  • Customer - Customer types are listed as segments, eg. Private customer
  • Work address - Work addresses for customer types are listed as segments


Use the search bars to quickly find what you need.

A custom field template can be assigned to all segments at once or to individual segments. Select one to reveal the custom field template options.

➡️ Add custom field template > Select template from drop-down > Save

Once a template has been assigned, a tick will display on the segment. The fields will start to be displayed on the objects as determined within the template configuration.

Can’t find the template you need? Check if it’s still in draft status.

Assign the template to either "Individual" segments or the "All" segment, assigning it to both will result in duplications.

Cloning assigned templates

The clone icon appears when selecting a segment with templates, letting you duplicate and assign them to another segment.

➡️ Select object > Select a segment showing with template(s) assigned > Click > Click field in pop up to select one or more desired segments > Clone

Deleting a template

If a template has not been used on a record yet, it can be deleted.

➡️ Select object > Select segment > Click ‘Delete’ on desired template > Type delete > Delete

Delete template from assigned.png

If a template has been used on a record, you will have the option to either archive or delete it:

  • Delete
    • All existing data (associated values) will be deleted from records.
    • The template will no longer be visible.
    • This action is irreversible and cannot be recovered.
  • Archive
    • All existing data (associated values) will remain on records.
    • Existing data can be edited.
    • The template will no longer be visible for new records.

What happens to objects assigned to an archived template?

You will see the ‘Archived’ status next to the template name when viewing the object and segment you assigned it to. 

If left assigned to the object, the template will continue to function as it did before but you can’t assign it to any other objects/segments.

assigned template archived.png