Contracts Overview

Purpose: In a Job Management System, the Contract feature is utilised to formalise the agreements with your customer. This involves creating a digital copy of the agreed-upon terms and assigning it as a template to your customer, avoiding the traditional need for physical or online signatures. With these comprehensive guides at your disposal, you'll have the knowledge and resources to maximise the potential of the Contracts feature, empowering you to efficiently manage contracts and drive business success. Access the guides, explore their contents, and unlock the full capabilities of our Contracts feature today.


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Settings prerequisites

Knowledge Base


These guides walk you through the setup and configuration of the Contracts feature. You'll learn how to customise settings to align with your business needs, ensuring a tailored experience.

Contract Management

Once your settings are configured, these guides provide detailed instructions on how to effectively utilize the Contracts feature. From creating and managing contract templates to associating them with customers, you'll find step-by-step guidance to streamline your contract management process


After your contracts are active against customers, these guides help you leverage reporting functionalities to monitor and analyse performance. Gain insights into contract utilization, revenue generation, and other key metrics to inform decision-making and optimize your contract management strategy.

Video Content

Modules and features available will vary depending on your Price plan and User role level