Add new opportunity to a customer

Purpose: The purpose of adding an opportunity to a customer in sales is to record and manage potential sales or business deals associated with that customer. It allows you to track and organize information related to potential sales, such as leads, quotes, and proposals.

Please note:

  • Opportunities can only be created against a Customer or Work address.
  • You must have at least one opportunity template.
  • You must have at least one sales person and reporting categories.


Add new opportunity

  • Use search option to locate the customer/work address you would like to add an opportunity for and click the user name. 
  • In 'On-going work', click 'Add new opportunity'.

Add new opportunity to a customer 1.1.png

Add Opportunity

The details provided in the opportunity will appear in the opportunity timeline after it is saved.

  • Customer contact - Choose customer from drop-down or add new contact information.
  • Opportunity template - Choose the opportunity template designed for this associated requirement.
  • Opportunity pipeline - Pipeline linked to the Opportunity template will auto-fill; you can change it if required.
  • Opportunity notes - Information related to the opportunity and its requirement.
  • Customer reference - Free text to provide any reference for customer identification.
  • Tags - Create tags related to the opportunity.
  • Assets - Assets related to this opportunity.

Site details

  • Site contact - Site contact information.
  • Access notes - Details regarding the location and other relevant information.
  • Parking instruction - Parking instruction at customer location.

Customer photos

  • Upload photos related to the opportunity or location. All images will be displayed in timeline along with other information.

Sales information

  • Sales person - Responsible sales person to handle this opportunity.
  • Reporting line - Reporting categories to group the opportunity.

Save the opportunity and all the information will be displayed in the 'View opportunity' page.

Add new opportunity to a customer 1.2.png