Opportunities Tab

Purpose: Opportunities tab is a central hub for managing potential sales in a systematic way. It provides a visual representation of sales in a pipeline, showing the stage of each opportunity. This helps users easily track the progress of sales activities and identify the current status of each deal.


Opportunities tab

➡️ Opportunities tab


Select the Pipeline from the drop-down menu to view Opportunities associated, a message will be displayed if no Oppurtunties are asscociated to the Pipeline. 

Move an Opportunitiy between different stages in the Pipeline by dragging and dropping the relevant card.

Opportunities tab 1.9.png


Archived Pipelines will be shown in the dropdown.


Opportunities tab 1.3.png Click this icon to create a new Scheduled activity. If the scheduled activity exceeds the time, then the opportunity will display in red.


Opportunities tab 1.8.png

Mark the opportunity as WON or LOST, simply by drag the Opportunity to the bottom of the screen and drop it to the appropriate option.

Opportunities tab 1.9.png