Assign a Sales licence

Purpose: Assigning a licence and role to a User determines what they can do in the application. It specifically determines the access to features, functionalities, resources, permissions to use the software or services, etc. This ensures the efficiency and secure operation of an organisation's processes and workflows.

Please note:

  • Only Owner/manager roles can access License's and assign them to Users.
  • You cannot assign licence/roles to yourself.
  • Licence cost is based on the plan you choose and licence type.
  • Monthly/rolling license's are billed ahead.
  • Contact your account manager to discuss the cost of a Dispatcher license.

Assign a licence to a new user

  • Profile Icon > Settings > Users > Add new user > Job management > Choose Licence > Set Role Level > Save

Edit a licence on an exiting user

  • Profile Icon > Settings > Users > View on specific user > Edit licensing details > Sales > Choose Licence type > Set Role Level > Save

Choosing a Role Level

  • Determines permission levels for Read, Write, Update, and Delete.

Sales person

  • Create: Opportunities, Add-ons, Finance, and Proposals from templates.
  • Access: Opportunities dashboard
  • Send: Proposals
  • Add: Communications, Scheduled activities.

Senior sales person (Salesperson +)

  • Create: Email templates, SMS templates
  • View: The financial breakdown for proposals, Set default editor styles.

Sales manager (Senior sales person +)

  • Add: Sequences, Option templates, Survey templates, Proposal branding, Saved colors, Custom fonts.

Sales director (Sales manager +)

  • User will have full access to the Sales CRM and they are responsible for setting up the templates, application.

Owner/manager (Sales director +)

  • User will have full access to all features. 
  • Responsible for assigning roles and licence to other users.