PPM job auto-creation

Purpose: This setting governs the automation of PPM job creation within Commusoft. It enables the system to generate jobs automatically according to your specified parameters, which include lead time for event creation. Also, you can designate recipients for notifications about these automated job creations.


View setting

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Contracts > PPM job auto-creation.

Screenshot 2024-04-24 202427.png

No of days(s): Specifies the timing to automatically generate the job N days before the beginning of the week when a PPM task is due, as determined by the PPM schedule linked to an active contract.

  • Example: If the setting is configured to 5 days, and the week begins on June 1st, the job will be automatically created 5 days before the first day of the week when the PPM task is scheduled, which in this case would be May 27th.

Notification groups: Select the user roles to receive PPM job creation notifications.

Cancel: Cancel the PPM template settings.

Save: Save the PPM template settings.


Exercise caution when modifying this setting, as it could potentially disrupt the creation of PPM jobs and lead to confusion if altered after setup.