Planned preventative maintenance templates

Purpose: Planned Preventive Maintenance is a systematic and proactive approach that includes organising maintenance tasks at a regular intervals. Its primary goals include preventing equipment failures, minimising downtime, and extend the overall lifespan of assets. This approach is designed to enhance reliability, decrease the likelihood of unexpected issues, and optimize the efficiency of maintenance operations.

View Setting

➡️ Profile button > Settings > Contracts > Planned preventative maintenance templates > View


Add PPM template

➡️ Add new PPM template > Enter Name and Description > Save

The PPM template description given here will be shown in Job notes.


Configure PPM template

Once you have added a PPM template you will need to add the tasks required.

Add tasks

➡️ Profile button > Settings > Contracts > Planned preventative maintenance templates > View > Configure > Add tasks > Complete the below fields > Save.

  • Task description: A concise description of the task or activity to be performed.
  • Note: Provide context and specific instructions on how to carry out the Task.
  • Task occurrence: The frequency at which the Task should be carried out.
  • Critical: Indicate whether the task is Statutory, Critical, Mandatory or Discretionary.

Repeat until you have fully configure all the require PPM tasks for the template.

Planned preventive maintenance 1.1.png

Edit tasks

➡️ Edit > Edit the existing task > Save.

Delete tasks

➡️ Delete > Type 'Delete' > Save.


Edit PPM template

➡️Edit > Amend the template > Save.


Delete PPM template

➡️Delete > Type 'Delete' > Save.

You cannot delete a PPM template if it is used in a Contract associated with a Customer.