Scheduled activities

Purpose: Allows you to meticulously plan and organise tasks, appointments, and interactions. This systematic approach contributes to efficient time management, prioritization of tasks, and fostering accountability. Ultimately, this ensures timely assistance and support for customers.

Please note: 

  • Scheduled activities are pinned to the property dashboard until completed
  • Pinned activities are displayed in order of due time/date
  • Scheduled activities can be uncompleted from the View customer and View Opportunity page.

Schedule an activity

  • Search the Customer > Click the name > Property page > Communications tab > Add record > Schedule activity > Complete popup > Schedule

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  • Description: Should be based on user communication, planning, and the execution of the scheduled task, ensuring that the assignee is aware of the activity's scope and objectives.
  • Notes: Provide detailed instructions, important points, or any supplementary information that can be helpful for the user involved in carrying out the activity. 
  • Type: The type of task that needs to be performed for this activity. There are four different types: Call, Email, Meeting or Task
  • Due date and time: When this activity should be completed by. This ensures that the assignee can engage with the activity at the most appropriate moment. To set this, click the 'lift-off' icon next to the date and time, and then adjust it as needed.

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  • Assign to: Choose who you want to complete the activity or leave it unassigned for any available user to take. Multiple users can be assigned if needed.

View all scheduled activities

Go to the 'Scheduled activities' icon located in the top right corner of the screen. Search or use the filter options such as Date, Activity type, Displayed by (assignee/s), and Record type. 

  • Locate activity in timeline > View
    • You can also 'Edit' or 'Delete' any Scheduled activities from this section.

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Complete an activity

When working through your Scheduled activities, you have two options for marking it as completed: you can toggle the box directly from the Schedule activities screen, or you can click the 'Run through all scheduling activities' section to view all the activities for that customer and toggle the button there.

  • Locate activity in timeline > Toggle radio button
    • Call activity opens ‘Log new call’ box > Enter call details > Save
    • Email activity opens ‘Send new email’ box > Compose email > Send

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