Getting Started with Commusoft

Once your new account has been set up by our team, you will receive a welcome email with log in details and a link on Getting started with Commusoft.

Please note:

  • Once the Setup wizard is complete, you can use your account straight away.
  • It is recommended to set up the basics fully before you start using the account.

Logging in to Commusoft for the First time

You will receive the below details in the welcome email.

Setup Wizard

  • Once logged in, complete the setup wizard. Here's what you will need to know beforehand: Setup wizard

Preparing for integrations

  • Check out - Integrate Commusoft with Other Software
  • There are a lot of things to consider before you complete any integrations and imports with Commusoft. So let us know which integrations you would like and we can provide you with the information needed.

Getting ready

Set up your users


📘️Can I change another users password?

📘️How do I change my own password?

Know the basics

We recommend you start your learning with 

Initial Set-Up

Some important settings to set before you add customers:


Settings allow you to customise your software to your own preferences. All settings require your attention, below are the ones we think are most important to complete first:

  • Profile icon > Settings.

Create/upload letterhead

Use our simple and smart letterhead or upload your own company letterhead and footer. These will appear on the top/bottom of all letters you produce within Commusoft.

📘️Create/upload letterhead.

Diary Settings

Configure these options to allow you to observe and change the way in which your diary operates.

📘️Diary Settings.

Setting up SMTP

Emailing directly through Commusoft using your email address.

📘️Setting up SMTP.

Email signature

Your company email signature will appear at the bottom of all emails sent via Commusoft.

📘️Email signature.

Change branding colours

Customise the colours which are used on PDFs such as invoices and estimates.

📘️Change branding colours.

Web users: (Basic outline)

Add a test Customer and a test Work address

This will be your test account so add all the correct details relating to you, so you are a customer in Commusoft. Use this test account moving forward as the place to make your mistakes, learn, train and check your settings.

📘️Add your first Customer.

📘️Add a Work address.

Add a Job to your test Customer

Add an Invoice to your test Job

Please note:

Add a Job to your test Work address

Add an Estimate to your test Customer

  • Search the test customer address > add estimate > book appointment for the estimate and without appointment > action appointment on mobile or action estimate when not using mobile app > fill in estimate > accept or reject the estimate.

Related guide:

📘️Searching within Commusoft 

Mobile app user: (Basic outline)

  1. Accept or Reject - All appointments at the start of the day OR the night before.
  2. View Notes & Access Method - All appointments at the start of the day OR the night before.
  3. Travel or Abort - Key in the ignition rule or If pulled off OR cannot continue.
  4. Arrive or No Access - Foot in the door rule OR Take a photo and leave informative feedback.
  5. Assets - Check/Add/update.
  6. Technical references - Check/Add/update.
  7. Job diary history - View.
  8. Property history - View.
  9. Attach files - View.
  10. Take Photo - Add/view.
  11. Complete Certificate - View/clone.
  12. Office Task - Set for a web user when a more visible notification is required i.e. important, needed, mistakes on input, input missed.
  13. Job report - Complete a detailed and informative report. This can also be updated throughout the time on the job.
  14. Leave - Once the works are completed/handing over to the customer.
  15. Make as complete, YES if you need to invoice or NO if you need to attend again.


While the client services team may not provide step-by-step guidance through a specific task that falls into your training, they are more than happy to direct you to the right resources and offer guidance on how to access features. Their goal is to help you get started with confidence and resolve any software-related issues you may encounter. Don't hesitate to reach out when you need assistance – they're here to assist you.

How to Contact:

  • Email: Send your queries to
  • Phone: Call 020 3026 6266, select Option 2, and enter your Account ID.

Operating Hours:

  • Support is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, excluding public holidays.


Commusoft, being a sizable and intricate software platform, understands that users may encounter challenges in recalling less frequent tasks. To address this, we have curated a continuously evolving collection of resources aimed at simplifying the process of refreshing your memory and swiftly moving forward with your tasks.

  • Staying Updated
    • Utilize the in-application announcements icon located at the top right of your screen.
    • Receive notifications about product news, webinars, feature spotlights, and system updates.
  • Knowledge Base
    • Find a wealth of videos and guides on system usage.
    • Access it anytime by clicking your 'Profile icon > Help' at the top right of your screen.
  • Videos
    • Access video tutorials directly from Commusoft whenever needed.
  • Business Blog
    • Explore valuable insights, tips, and success stories designed to help grow your business.
    • Focus on strategies for improving processes, streamlining paperwork, and generating more job opportunities.
  • Commusoft System Status
    • Keep track of our system's performance, including maintenance times, system downtime, and server status.
    • In the event of service disruptions, you'll find updates posted here, and you can also subscribe for email notifications.