Scheduling rules

Purpose: Control the timeframe for customers and work addresses booking service reminders to ensure no service is booked after the due date.

Some services are time sensitive and you need to stay compliant, by choosing the service reminder templates to apply this rule you can stop service jobs from being booked late via the portals.


This feature is available on Customer Journey and above.

Scheduling rules apply to service jobs only, for customers and work addresses.


Service reminders
Service reminder portal settings
Job booking portal settings

View setting

➡️ Profile icon > Settings > Self service > Scheduling rules

Scheduling rules.png

  • Select services that cannot be scheduled past their due date > Select service reminders from list

You can add multiple service reminders to scheduling rules.

Scheduling rules.png

  • If the services is in the past decide how the scheduling should be handled > Select option from drop down
  • What message should display to the user > Type message

Once you've set all your fields up, make sure to hit the save button before navigating away.