Purpose: Provide an instant banking option for your customers to pay for their invoices. This offers reduced fees in comparison to credit/debit card transactions.

With the combination of the GoCardless and Stripe integrations working hand in hand, you can set limits as to when the option to pay by card is automatically hidden based on the value payable within the Invoice portal. This gives you the peace of mind that no changes to emails or payment links are needed.

GoCardless 🔗️ Instant bank pay is supported to take payments via the Commusoft self service portals.

Payment reference is generated by GoCardless and is searchable within their platform.

GoCardless requires an accurate customer postcode to take payments.



Payment methods

View integration

➡️ Profile icon > Integrations > Payments

Integration - Payments.png

Add integration

➡️ 1.  Go Cardless > Add integration > Connect to GoCardless

The GoCardless login page will show, log in or create an account if you don't have one already.

GoCardless page.png

Contact GoCardless if you would like to discuss opening an account in more detail.

Once Commusoft reloads, the next step will be displayed in the side panel.

➡️ 2. Select GoCardless creditor from dropdown > Continue

➡️ 3. Select Commusoft payment method > Continue

Only one payment method can be selected.

Once you have completed setup, your integration will be active and the card will display new options.

Active GoCardless.png

Manage integration

➡️ Manage integration > Change payment method > Continue

Disconnect integration

➡️ Disconnect > Type Disconnect > Disconnect

Any payments still pending when the integration is disconnected will be failed in both platforms and will need to be taken with another payment method.

Next steps

With your GoCardless integration now set up, you can proceed to:


If there is an issue with your GoCardless integration, you may see another status on the integration card:

  • Error: The GoCardless account is integrated with multiple Commusoft accounts. To resolve this issue, disconnect GoCardless from all other Commusoft accounts you may have integrated with.
  • In review: GoCardless need to review your account and you will need to wait for them to complete this process. If you need to discuss this further, please contact GoCardless in the first instance to ensure they have completed this process and can confirm this for our Client services team to assist.