Office tasks

Office tasks are a really useful feature within Commusoft. It allows you to create to-do like lists for yourself, or others against estimates and jobs.

You will see the office task tab within estimates and jobs along the top navigation. To see how to create and assign office tasks click this link: Add office tasks.


Once office tasks have been created you can see them in the top right of your screen.

2017-08-29_15-04-29.png    2017-08-29_15-06-28.png

From the screenshot above, you can see there is a red icon with 1. This shows that I have 1 office task assigned to me. When you click the icon you will see a list of office tasks assigned to you.

If there are unassigned office tasks, these will show as a white list icon in the top navigation as shown below. You can assign it to yourself by clicking Assign to me.

2017-08-29_15-07-59.png    2017-08-29_15-08-16.png

When you click on the icon you will see a side panel appear as shown above right. This allows you to view details of the task. You can click on any of the blue text to be taken to that area within Commusoft, e.g if you click on the customer name you will be taken to the customer account.

You can complete office tasks by clicking on the box on the left of the task and it will disappear from the list.