PartsArena Pro

Purpose: The integration with PartsArena facilitates better parts management, reduces manual data entry, enhances accuracy, and ultimately improves the efficiency of field service operations. It benefits both service professionals and customers by ensuring that the right parts are available when needed, contributing to a smoother and more productive service delivery process.

Please note:

  • In order for this integration to work successfully, you must have a PartsArena Pro account.
  • Have Commusoft and Parts arena installed on the same mobile device.
  • Description and MPN import from PartsArena Pro
  • If Description and MPN match an existing part it will use the price stored in Commusoft, if it adds as a new part it will be zero value price.

Setting up the Integration 

  1. In order to use this integration, open the Commusoft app and select the job you'd like to use PartsArena with. 

  2. From here, click on the parts tab and click the 'plus' icon to add a part as normal.


  3. If you have PartsArena installed on your device, you will see an option for 'Add parts from Parts Arena' click this and you will be taken to your PartsArena app.


  4. Navigate through PartsArena and select the parts you wish to add to the job, then add them to a picklist. Click the parts arena menu and then pick lists and select the parts you have just added. After this, click the share icon at the top of the page and select 'third-party application' and then 'share'.
  5. You now have the option to remove them from the picklist, select 'yes' if you wish to do so. You will be redirected to Commusoft and the parts you selected will be added against the job.