Add and allocate supplier credit notes

In order to add a credit note to one of your suppliers, first locate the supplier using the search bar or the list of all your suppliers found under the supplier tab.

  1. Once located, scroll to the 'Credit note' section and click 'Add new credit note':

  2. From the following page, fill in the information as required from the tables provided for your 'Parts' and 'Items' and click 'Add credit note' to create it. Required fields are marked with an asterisk, you can also use the 'Delete' function to remove any lines added in error.

  3. You can also upload a credit note if you already have one saved to your computer by using the 'Click to upload credit note' button from the 'Supplier credit not details' section at the top of the page (this will open your documents from where you can choose the correct file).

  4. Once this is done, you will need to allocate this credit note to a supplier invoice. To do this, click 'View' on the credit note and in the 'allocation history' section, click 'Add new allocation'. mceclip1.png
  5. This will take you to another table from which you can select the correct invoice by searching for it's invoice number. Complete any additional information as required.


  6. Enter the correct amount in the 'amount to allocate' column - you can delete and unnecessary rows with the 'Delete' button and then click 'Add cash allocation' to save.

Please note -- if the invoice was assigned to a job, the credit note will be assigned to that job as well.
You cannot add parts to a credit note through this page. Please use the supplier returns area in order to raise a credit note for parts.
Only parts set to return for a particular supplier will be listed on search in add credit note screen.